Thursday, January 28, 2016

Can We Escape the Eternal Flame?

  Product Details         I’ve been working on this piece of fiction since 2005.  When I started I had no idea where it was going to go, if anywhere.  Would it be an epic novel of the picaresque sort or would it realize itself in some other form?  The answer seems to be the latter.  It seems finalized now as a novella.  I queried a few publishers about publishing it, but either received no response or was told they liked it, but had no place for it on their list.  I half expected that, given the difficulty finding someone to publish novellas in English.  I decided to publish it myself under my Hanian Media imprint—just to get it out there in the ether.   If, after doing so, it finds a “real” publisher, that could be cool.  Anyhow, take a look if it interests you.
Booksellers and libraries can contact me for a discount price…..reviewers can email me for a review copy.
Here’s the blurb….

Love, war and peace. Passions transcending time and as permanent as the history being made. Manhattan, 911, and desire. Vietnam, Berkeley and the road. Three main characters personify them all. This novella is a reflection of the time and on the times.

and a link to order it:

By Ron Jacobs

Also available from Amazon and other online bookstores. 
ISBN-13:  978-1523695744