"Ian Rankin once explained to an interviewer (the head of the Indian Communist Party!) that crime fiction is a way of talking about social inequality. Ron Jacobs applies that same maxim to the Sixties... in his wonderfully noir trilogy of those exhilarating and troubled times. And what Rankin does for Edinburgh, Jacobs amply illuminates for the Movement. Much much more than ripping yarns (though they are that too), from a master who's been there, done that, and lived to tell a tale or two."

--Ramsey Kanaan, Publisher PM Press/noir enthusiast

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tripping Through the American Night

My latest book, titled Tripping Through the American Night, was published in ebook format on October 8, 2010. The format used is known as epub--it is accessible on almost every ebook platform except Kindle (although there is some kind of conversion software out there). I read a sample on my computer by downloading the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

It is a collection of essays mostly about this land we call the United States. Naturally, they are written from a libertarian left perspective. Many of them originally appeared in Counterpunch. From the resignation of Richard Nixon to the knighthood of Mick Jagger; from the war in Vietnam to the election of Barack Obama; and from the campus of University of Maryland to the streets of Berkeley, it's all there. If you are interested in buying (or borrowing)a copy (assuming you have a way to read it), go to

Thanks. If you are interested in reviewing it, send me an email!