"Ian Rankin once explained to an interviewer (the head of the Indian Communist Party!) that crime fiction is a way of talking about social inequality. Ron Jacobs applies that same maxim to the Sixties... in his wonderfully noir trilogy of those exhilarating and troubled times. And what Rankin does for Edinburgh, Jacobs amply illuminates for the Movement. Much much more than ripping yarns (though they are that too), from a master who's been there, done that, and lived to tell a tale or two."

--Ramsey Kanaan, Publisher PM Press/noir enthusiast

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dave Zirin

Dave Zirin is a sportswriter who occupies a rare niche in the United States. He writes about sports from the left side of the political spectrum. Despite the fact that mainstream media doesn't usually like to provide the left with a forum on its shows, Dave's humor and delivery make him a natural for sports talk shows, so they put him on the airwaves more often than you would think. It's his books, though, that set him apart from most sportswriters in today's world. His latest, Welcome to the Terrordome, is a hard hitting attack on the greed of corporate sports and the culture it has created. Check it out!

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